College-Rape-Petition-Image_-via-genderuniversity what-to-do-after-a-sexual-assaultIf you have been the victim of a sexual assault, it’s important to know there are alternatives to going to the police. Depending on where you live there are a variety of support centers and organizations set up specifically to deal with crimes of this nature. These include specialist nurses, counselors and legal practitioners. See this article about some of alternative services to calling the police

Every year more than 200,000 men and women in the United States are raped. In every 2 minutes there is a new victim. Although both men and women are victimized, statistics show that 16 percent of women have experienced attempted or completed rape, compared to only 3 percent of men.

Socially, however, the rape of women elicits more of a response from the greater population rape of men. When women are raped, society is outraged and eager. But what if a woman was raped by her own husband? Can such a thing happen?

Indeed there is. This happens as a type of domestic abuse. Thousands of wives across America experience this. What can these women do to fight back?

The law used to have a “marital exception” which states that married women cannot be considered raped by a husband, regardless of the circumstances of sexual activity. This can be traced to a 17th century English common law. By 1993 the majority of the states recognized that rape can happen within a marriage. Although Southern states amended the law later than the Northern ones, today, all states consider marital rape a felony.

There are still some differences in dealing with this crime across various states. States such as Ohio, Idaho, Virginia, Oklahoma, and Nevada treat marital and non-marital rape quite differently. In Oklahoma, for an instance, marital rape occurs when violence was used to force a person to engage in sexual intercourse. Raped wives, therefore, cannot file a case if she was coerced into sexual activity under the influence of drugs, alcohol, and other medications because physical force was not exerted.

In such cases, it is difficult for the victim to build a case against the offender, but it is not impossible. If the victim desires to file a case, she is advised to acquire the help of the best Oklahoma City’s attorneys she can find ( A lawyer will be able to help her assess if a case can be built, how to proceed next, and what to expect.

Rapedwives are indeed protected by law in any state. Victims should step forward and claim their rights.

Even in today’s world, where women are given more and more respect and power imbalances between the sexes are being addressed and eradicated, so many women still end up becoming victims of sexual abuse. Such women end up being emotionally scarred, and sometimes, it can take many years for them to recover. Thankfully, though, there are now so many organizations all over the world that aim to help such women recover from what they have suffered through. We happen to be one of these organizations, and one of our aims is to provide helpful information to female victims of sexual abuse and their loved ones through this website of ours. For this post, we are going to talk about online careers for female victims of sexual abuse. Hopefully, what we are going to talk about here will prove helpful to them.

Many female victims of sexual abuse end up not being able to work traditional jobs. Their reasons may be different, but the fact is that many women who are victims of sexual abuse become unable to deal with the demands of working in an office setting as a result of their experience. It can takes months or even years of therapy before such women are able to resume working in a traditional setting. The good news is that in today’s world, it is very much possible to find work online. Through online work, such women are able to earn a monthly income from the comfort of their own homes.

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While we do suggest that female victims of sexual abuse look into binary options trading, we also highly suggest that they be cautious with regard to choosing a brokerage to work with. This is because there are many brokerages out there that are illegal and work to rob their clients of their hard-earned money after some time. The good news, however, is that there are also many legitimate brokerages out there. For this post, we are going to recommend Banc de Binary to our readers.

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One of the most empowering things that any woman who has been subjected to sexual violence can do is to leave a relationship.

Most sexual violence occurs within relationships, and in many cases women are too frightened to leave the relationship. Leaving is not a simple option.

However whilst it’s true that leaving is not a simple option it can often be the best. However before a woman decides to leave there are some serious matters she needs to think about first.

Where will she go? Where will she live? How will she avoid being tracked down by her abuser? What will she do for an income? What if there are children?

And of course there’s more than just those 5 questions.

Whilst there is no doubt that leaving will be the single best option for most women it should only be undertaken after serious and careful planning.

We have consulted with some women recently about this exact issue.

One example may well help illustrate some of the problems.

This woman put in considerable effort to planning before leaving. She found alternative accommodation in another city where she was unlikely to be located. She established bank accounts with small amounts of savings and she found schools for the children. She found a new job as a nurse.

Then she left and moved away to another city, far away from her abuser and well set up.

You would assume that this was successful, and it was to the extent that it ended the abuse. However other problems soon raised their head.

She found that whilst she enjoyed working as a nurse being on her feet all day caused various problems, and she found that problems with her feet were threatening the continuation of the work. If a nurse is unable to spend most of the day on her feet she is not likely to find much nursing work.

However this woman was a determined and resourceful individual. She had planned in advance before she left and succeeded in leaving. So she wasn’t going to let a simple issue like foot problems to threaten her employment. She consulted a podiatrist who advised her to change her shoes for higher quality shoes.

So she got online and did some serious research about nursing shoes. With her normal resourcefulness she started researching the best shoes for nurses, at the best shoes for nurses guide, and also discovered that the quality of the shoes is only one factor in overcoming foot problems. Comfort is also essential.

So with the usual tenacity she also researched the most comfortable shoes for nurses at and eventually found a pair of comfortable high-quality nursing shoes that supported her feet properly.

As you may have guessed she is now successfully employed as a nurse, has overcome her foot problems and is earning a worthwhile income. Her children are doing well at school and she is making new friends.

She is well settled in her new city and the abuse is now in the past.

Any woman in an abusive relationship has to give serious consideration to how she will end the abuse. Unfortunately for most women none of the options are easy.

Whether it’s attempting to get some form of legal redress, or perhaps attempting to get her abuser charged, or maybe just leaving and going somewhere else, none of the options available to any woman are going to be simple.

However despite this there are some courageous and resourceful women successfully overcoming the abuse by finding new and inventive ways of doing so.

We are aware of one woman who courageously pursued her abuser through the courts to ensure that he was charged and jailed. He is now serving a 5 year term.

One of the biggest issues facing women in an abusive relationship is finance. Almost inevitably a woman in an abusive relationship will have limited access to finance because the abuser will attempt to control all their financial resources. It is highly unlikely that women in abusive relationships will have access to adequate financial resources.

This was the case for this particular woman as well. Whilst she successfully managed to have her abuser put away that didn’t end the problems. Whilst it certainly ended the abuse she was then faced with financial problems. But in her usual courageous way she faced the problems and overcame them.

The house in which they lived was financed and insured through the Federal Housing Administration. And whilst she was happy to remain in the home she was suddenly responsible, on her own, for all the repayments. If she was unable to make the repayments then she lost the house.

But this was one resourceful woman. It took very little time for her to identify an opportunity for a small business that she could operate at home. Her overheads were low and she worked all the hours she had available and eventually was able to repay the arrears that had built up as well as to begin making current repayments on the home.

She researched ways to reduce her repayments and eventually, through the FHA Streamline Program, applied for FHA Streamline Refinance at Village Capital, and the refinancing reduced the amount she was required to pay for each repayment.

She now has 5 years grace to re-establish herself. During that time she plans to build the business further and to look for another home in another city so that when her abuser gets out he will never be able to find her again.

She has two children and this also adds complexity to the problem. However by increasing her financial resources she has been able to ensure that the children are doing well at school and, despite the fact that their father is in jail, are well adjusted and happy. During the 5 years she has available before his release the children will complete most of their schooling.

So it’s not easy to overcome the problems of an abusive relationship, but there are resourceful, courageous and inventive women who are able to do so despite the challenges.

Although the world is now more progressive and is now empowering women more than it ever has, many women from all over the world still suffer from abuse on a daily basis. This is due to many reasons. One reason is that these women are trapped in abusive relationships, and they end up blaming themselves for the hurts they go through (this should NEVER be the case). Another reason women are exposed to abuse is because they live in countries whose governments are not that progressive when it comes to women’s rights. These countries still oppress their women; they think that men are above women in terms of social hierarchy.

The good news is that we can do something to rescue women from the cycle of abuse, and this is through women empowerment campaigns. By spread women empowerment campaigns all over the world, we will be able to make more and more women realize that it is unnatural to stay in a cycle of abuse. As for those who live in countries where women are oppressed, we can encourage them to seek asylum in more progressive places and shoulder the costs of their move. By helping them move to such places, we can help them live fuller lives.

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Women who have left abusive relationships are often at a loss about the next steps they should take. There is so much pain in their lives that, even with help from support agencies, they are often confused. If they have children with them, it is even more challenging to believe there is a better future.

There are all the initial feelings of inadequacy, hurt and usually fear they will be found and, somehow, forced to return to the relationship. Often the women and children end up in a crowded emergency shelter where there is little physical or emotional space to process the huge change in their lives. There are no fast, easy answers to their problems and, yet, there is always the pressure of knowing the current situation is only temporary. Decisions do have to be made.

It takes great courage to leave a relationship especially if there has been a certain level of comfort and lifestyle. All of a sudden, the woman feels completely alone with the huge responsibility for her children’s well-being. Many questions surface about where to live, how to keep the children in school, and what kind of money is available. Even if the woman has her own career, it does not mean there is economic security.

There are agencies ready to support abused women and children. They have staff and volunteers trained to help the women and children deal with the emotional angst they are carrying. Usually, there is individual counselling available and a schedule of formal support groups, besides the casual support of the other residents in a shelter. Cooking and sharing meals together is often therapeutic, but if someone wants to retreat to their own rooms, no one is going to question it. Everyone knows each woman works her way through the initial stabilizing at her own pace.

Because most women’s shelters are only funded for short stays, there is an urgency to make plans. Staff are available to help the women set priorities and think their way through the practicalities of the situation. However, most women do not have any idea of their rights to spousal and child support and this is not an area in which to make assumptions.

Some shelters have formed successful partnerships with reputable law firms willing to do pro-bono work with the residents. Lawyers who specialize in family law educate small groups of women about their basic rights under the law. They are often also available to meet with the women individually to discuss next steps in their particular situations. Because the lawyers have experience in this field, they are in a position to encourage the women about the incidence of positive outcomes. They can also alert the women to potential pitfalls in dealings with other lawyers and the court system.

Everyone involved knows the first few months of leaving an abusive relationship are so difficult. Emotional support from counselors and shelter volunteers is often the life saver for the women and their children. However, it is important to also equip them with practical financial and legal information so they can begin to plan the rest of their lives.

In today’s age of unprecedented technological advancements and gender equality, the playing field for both men and women to be successful has been leveled somewhat. Women of today can be as successful as their male counterparts with the abundance of opportunities the world presents, even right in the comfort of home.

Gone are the days when women are expected to stay at home while the men earn a living. Today, even at home, you can be as career-oriented as you want to be. There’s no need to compete on the same ladder of success as men because new age living allows you to care for the kids while also earning your own living.

Hot Online Career Options

If you’re just like majority of women who want to achieve career empowerment while at home, you may want to keep reading and browse some of these hot online careers for the modern day Eve:
• Freelance Writer
• Blogger
• Online Fitness Instructor
• Online Tutor
• Customer Support
• Virtual Assistant
• Translator
• Web Designer
• Transcriptionist

The opportunities to thrive online while at home are vast and varied. The list above only includes some of the hottest options nowadays. You can also be your own boss if working for someone is not what you have in mind. One other hot option is to set-up an online store. You can sell clothes, cosmetics, shoes or any product you are passionate about. And the best thing about an online shop is the fact that your customers can be anywhere in the world. It’s not limited to your local target market which could mean greater chances of success.

Setting Up a Home Office

While online success is not going to be a walk in the park, it’s not impossible either. A lot of women have done it and if you want to join their league, you can do so by committing wholeheartedly to the goal.

To start off, you may want to pick a corner or an area in the house that will serve as your office. It doesn’t have to be big or extravagant but all you need is a special space where you can be in your best element. This means peace and quiet away from distractions. It should be comfortable and well ventilated which means your AC or heater should always be in perfect working condition.

In instances when the AC breaks down, don’t panic. Instead check out some ideas on air conditioning repair so you can do it yourself. Fixing minor AC problems is not rocket science after all. All you need is a thorough ac repair guide which you can read from here, and you’re good to go.

Expect Great Things

To finish off your home office, invest in a good chair and a reliable laptop or desktop if you don’t have one yet. Once done, prepare to launch your online career. Expect to a rough and bumpy ride in the beginning but once you find your niche, it should be smooth hereafter. The key is to expect great things out of this adventure. Who knows, you might find a gold mine along the way.

As you know sexual abuse can quite honestly happen to anyone. The victim can be a man or woman, young or old, etc. At this site we focus on the travesties that occur against women specifically. Most of the time when you think of sexual abuse against a woman you are thinking of either a child that is being molested or perhaps the rape of an 18 to 40 year. Rare is it that females outside of this age range are victimized in sexual abuse cases.

Unfortunately our organization just received news that an elderly nursing facility in California is being investigated for possible sexual crimes against their residents. We aren’t in a position to name the facility due to possible legal repercussions but do your own research and you will likely find the name and location of the accused facility. The allegations are just horrible: sexual misconduct against residents, forced rape, and perhaps some level of residents being held against their will. As you know we focus on sexual abuse against women and we dare say that these assaults against women in their 80′s and 90′s are just grim.

So what has society come to in its sexual abuse against women? Where does this come from? Perhaps some will blame television, some will blame schools, some will blame rap music for its degradation of women. However, to us, the culprit seems to be parenting. Under what circumstances was someone who would sexually abuse a senior citizen be raised? Who were their parents? What morals were they taught? We can’t even begin to imagine the horrid conditions these felons must have been raised under.

For the case in question of course their will be a sexual abuse case opened and investigators will try to get to the bottom of what crimes have occurred. For us, our recommendation to those involved would be to find a good nursing home abuse attorney who could examine the case and sue to the daylights out of the facility. What background checks did those employees who were involved go through? What type of screening took place to ensure that the nursing home was only hiring the best available workers? The answers to these and many other questions need to be answered.

Our group plans on lobbying the American Health Care Association about these sexual abuse issues and we hope you will join us. We intend to ask them for their support in going up against this nursing center and getting to the bottom of how something so egregious, so vile, could happen on American soil. Let’s face it – these are our mother and grandmothers we are talking about. They need someone to stick up for their rights as people, as women, and as citizens who don’t deserve the crimes that have been committed against them. We invite you to check back on our site often and we will update you with our efforts to prosecute this negligent facility. Remember, together we can fight sexual abuse – one case at a time.

volunteeringRape crisis centers and support centers for sexual abuse and domestic violence are always in need of empathetic people willing to volunteer their time and effort in support of sexual abuse victims. These volunteers are crucial for such support centers to function at their best and there are a lot of opportunities for people who are able to volunteer in this field. These volunteers perform a great service,  several tasks and provide a lot of help for women in crisis, doing themselves and society proud. These services may include direct work with sexual violence survivors, becoming a part of the management teams and committees, fundraising, women’s awareness raising groups, public activities and events, etc.

There are several ways to get involved in such services and every center has their own ways of working with the volunteers. To volunteer for rape crisis centers first of all it is mandatory that the person be at least 18 years of age and older and be able to donate 2-12 hours of service every week to the purpose of answering calls, responding to victim needs and helping with paperwork.

There are also other formalities that need to be fulfilled in order to volunteer in such services. There is an initial interview and a specialized training program that every volunteer must complete before they can start their work. Depending on the rape crisis center volunteers are usually asked to commit a minimum of 6 months to one year to the volunteer service. Specific detailed information about requirements and opportunities can be answered by your local RCC.

To serve as a volunteer in a rape crisis center, one of the first things that is needed is proper training. Every volunteer needs to undergo at least 40 hours training process to learn about the facts and figures of sexual assault and sexual abuse. The course also offers an in depth knowledge about common misconceptions, and an understanding of the trauma women have to go through. It also helps with the development of counseling skills for the volunteers as this is the basic thing that everyone needs. Whenever any woman in distress calls for help the most important thing that she needs is the support and understanding of her plight. They need comfort and advice to get out of the trauma caused by the incident. Some people may not even be willing to cooperate out of fear and embarrassment but it is the duty of the person on the other side of the line to calm her and make her feel comfortable and offer proper guidance.

Some people have natural skills and some have academic knowledge and experience in handling such situations but with specific training those skills are further brushed up so that they can provide better assistance. Nevertheless the most important thing is the support and comfort that you can offer those survivors. This is even more important than the knowledge because every single situation is different from the other and so it is essential to be supportive and listen attentively to each and every case.

m15040215_514x260-Stark_3_Rape_CrisisSexual abuse or sexual assault is a genuine threat to the security of women. Every year thousands of women face this crisis and suffer from the threats of the perpetrators. But what be done if someone becomes a victim to such an act? Fortunately, today there are many more options available for women who become a victim of this rising crime statistic. Aside from going to the police there are numerous agencies and support centers on hand to help people through this time of need.

Depending on the area you live, you can seek assistance in a variety of ways if this happens to you. Every state in the United States has their help and support centers to fight against domestic violence and sexual abuse. For a list of sexual abuse and domestic violence support centers available in different states of the United States you can visit here for a complete run down.

The main purpose of these support centers and rape crisis centers is to provide help to victims of rape, sexual abuse, and sexual violence. These centers provide a range of services which include crisis hotlines, victim advocacy, community outreach and educational programs. These are social movement organizations which seek to change the social perspective, and particularly to provide a better understanding of a rape situation for medical and legal entities and society at large.

Each organization has a unique set of services which are for the benefit for both the victims and the community. Most professionals at these organizations hold an academic degree in disciplines like women’s studies, public health, psychology, social work and other relevant disciplines. There are also a large number of volunteers who freely give up their time to offer their services in such organizations in the protection and support of women. Every member of such organizations undergoes extensive training through which they learn about legal, societal and cultural aspects of sexual abuse, assault and rape.

The most common services offered by such organizations are as follows:

Crisis hotlines:

Crisis hotlines offer 24 x 7 telephone services for support and assistance for abuse victims and rape survivors. These services include free of charge counseling for crisis intervention offering support and comfort for the survivors, explaining and advising legal and medical options, dispelling common rape myths and can also provide referrals for other useful resources as well. These tasks are mostly undertaken by volunteers who offer counseling for the survivors.

Legal advocates:

Legal advocates are an essential part of rape crisis centers and sexual abuse support centers. They can offer advice and guidance regarding the legal process, assisting them to get protective orders against the perpetrators. They also serve as a constant source of support throughout the process of criminal justice system. However, such organizations are generally neutral in encouraging survivors to take legal steps against their assailants.


Any incident regarding sexual assault, abuse or rape is traumatic on the victim therefore; proper counseling is an important part of the services provided by the rape crisis centers. There are specialized counselors who assist the victims to promote their psychological well-being to overcome the aftermath of the traumatic event through short term or long term counseling.

Medical Advocates:

Medical advocates offer education and guidance about forensic medical options and even accompany the victims to hospital for sexual assault evidentiary examination. It is important to note that in spite of being neutral to encourage legal steps the rape crisis centers often encourage all survivors to go through the medical examination which is also important evidence if the survivors later decide to go forward with legal actions.

Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE):

Every rape crisis center has specially trained nurses who can conduct sexual assault evidentiary examinations for rape or sexual assault survivors. It should be noted that although not all but most of the SANE programs are conducted by the RCCs rather than hospitals. The SANE services are available 24 hours. They also help in collection of evidence and can also provide crisis intervention counseling, and emergency and contraception.

sex-attack-areasUnderstanding the 5 Ws of sexual assault is a primary step towards a well rounded awareness that can help you protect yourself from any kind of sexual assault. When you are more alert to the situation around you it is much easier to avoid certain situations or even defend yourself if necessary. The 5 Ws of sexual assault are as follows:


Although it is a common misconception that wearing certain types of clothing provokes sexual assault, in reality it does not work that way. Attackers are looking more for an easy to grab hair style or loose clothing that could potentially be ripped and used to bind their victims. So the most likely targets for sexual assault are women who appear to be more easily grabbed and dragged into a less public area.

Women are reluctant to report the sexual assault and harassment they have experienced because they do not feel comfortable in speaking about such experiences. But there are specialists and counselors trained to deal with these exact crimes and it’s really just a matter of trusting them enough to help.


Most common misconceptions restrict sexual assault to rape and similar but in reality it has a much larger perimeter. Any kind of abusive sexual behavior can be brought under this. Besides that it also extends to the instances of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Therefore, a sexual assault is any conduct of a sexual or indecent nature towards another person and it can be accompanied by or threatened with physical force. This can be further stretched to the inducement of fear, shame or mental suffering of the victim. So any kind of indecent behavior can be considered as sexual assault as well.


Another common misconception is that most sexual assaults are conducted under cover of darkness but actually it is less common to occur during the night than you might think. In fact sexual assaults generally take place when the victim is alone and often during early morning times such as 6am when there are fewer people present to offer any assistance or protection against such attacks. Perpetrators who conduct thes crimes know this very well and take advantage of it. Avoiding being alone in secluded areas such as an early morning jog on a park perimeter is one of the best ways to avoid such an occurrence.


The most common places of sexual assault are at parking lots where you are also most likely to be alone. In fact any similar isolated place can be an ideal spot for a sexual assault to take place as well. It is unlikely a perpetrator would take a chance on committing an act of violence in the presence of a lot of people. Often the predators stalk their victim until she reaches a more private area before making a move. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid isolated places as much as possible. In the case of a parking lot, always be wary of your surroundings so you are less vulnerable and more prepared to fight back. Do not stay absentmindedly listening to music with both headphones in such places as this will reduce your awareness about your surroundings.


Rather than the common belief of sexual attacks being motivated by a sexual desire, in most cases it is a sense of power and control over victims that is the main driving force. It is the feeding of ego that the attacker is interested in, which is the reason that there are victims of all age groups rather than an preponderance of attacks toward women dressed in a provocative manner.

According to the statistics, if anyone can fight back or resist to some extent, most attackers tend to flee the scene. Therefore, it is always a good idea to stay prepared to fight back. It is advisable to keep something handy that can help you to fight back like a stun gun, pepper spray or any other such that you can use in a hurry. Don’t be afraid to make a lot of noise either, especially if potentially within earshot of passers by. The perpetrator is often looking for an easy target and is usually not prepared to risk getting caught.

rape-statisticsAccording to the Rape Abuse and Incest Network, RAINN 237,868 women became a victim of sexual assault in the US last year. That equates to 1 person every 2 seconds. As well as 60% of sexual assaults remaining unreported, a staggering 97% of perpetrators will never see jail time. 1 in 5 women will be the victim of a sexual assault in their lifetime with 1 in 4 by the time they finish college. In fact 44% of women assaulted last year were under the age of 18 with 80% being under 30. Approximately 2/3rds of assaults are committed by someone known to the victim with around 38% of rapists being a friend or acquaintance. Hard to believe, these statistics prove the fears faced by women of becoming a victim of sexual abuse are justified.

Why Do So Few Report The Crime To Police?

A common reason why so many women do not want to report their case to the police is the fear of not being believed, being blamed for what has happened or fearing that there is no case to prove and could only be the victim’s word against the perpetrator’s. The most feared situation is if a woman suffers a sexual assault and is then blamed for being at least partially responsible for it on reporting the attack. This helps a lot of perpetrators to escape the law. Other reasons include harassment or threatening/intimidating behaviour by the perpetrator towards the victim.

What Help Options Are There?

It is also natural for any woman to be uncomfortable to speak openly about such an experience. For this reason there are also several other options that can assist a woman to get help if she becomes a victim of any such abuse. Depending on the place of residence, there are several support centers and similar organizations that are on standby with helplines to provide instant assistance for any such incident. If a woman does not feel comfortable or confident enough to go straight to the police, it is always better to seek the assistance of such organizations and rape crisis centers to get help. These organizations consist of specialist nurses, counselors and legal practitioners who can help you through the crisis.

What Is The Government Doing?

There are also several support services and legal measures that have been taken by the government to end violence against women. These steps include ensuring specialist support for sexual violence victims, introducing new legislation to fight against such criminal activities and many others. Increasing social awareness and providing appropriate justice against sexual violence is among the main concerns of the government policies. Besides that the definition of domestic violence and abuse has also been widened to cover maximum ground in offering protection to women of every age group. There are also teenage related abuse and teenage rape prevention campaigns being run to prevent the teenagers falling victim to sexual abuse. Special training and search powers are added for the police department and prosecutors to provide better protection for victims of stalking and other sexual abuse.

What Else Can You Do?

Women should remember that even if the rate of sexual abuse and sexual violence is still at an alarming rate, you should not feel helpless as there many organizations to turn to and if the awareness can be increased and spread wider, it is possible to have a serious impact on sexual violence for good. For the women who are concerned about their security, if you can be more alert of your circumstances and report any suspicious activity that is making you uncomfortable, it would be easier for the authorities to take the necessary steps immediately to offer better protection from potential sexual crime. read this article on steps to reduce your chances of sexual assault. You can stop many potential acts of sexual violence from happening in the first place.